Illustrator / Visual Artitst 

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"My real name is Giselle and I am a twenty-five year old girl from Barcelona who loves travelling. In my bacpack I always carry a book, a sketchbook and some tools to paint to draw on the go. The name Skindeep comes from a Spanish saying "a flor de piel" which means to feel everything so strong that you can feel things going from your soul to your skin. To be very sensitive. I decided that would be my name when I was sixteen, as teens we all feel that way right? But I think creative people, all those interested in art feel and see the world in a special way until the day we die." Skindeep has also worked with us in the making of our first collaboration in terms of clothing. You can find her clothing in our store section and contact her through the Truepassion Artist Networking group on Facebook.