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Adriano or Omega WhiteGong is a 23 year old Italian hiphop/reggae artist and creative born in Rome, musically grown in Genoa and now based in London. He's part of the crew RHUNC and founder of the DGAS Republic and started to write lyrics at about 16. He released so far a bunch of projects, including the #LondonDiaries saga (made in collaboration with the producer Tenki from Rome) which is far from end and a couple of music video such as "Piranha" (one of the most liked so far), "Giro" (#LondonDiaries 3), "Angry" and couple more. The first official project is about to be released before the end of 2018 and it'll be accompanied by the #LondonDiaries saga while the works for an EP with the female producer Xan, The Gemini carries on.

He performed so far with his crew and by his own at various gigs doing opening show before artists like Colle der Fomento, Johnny Roy, Danno, Clementino (@BrixtonJamm, London), Merkules (accompanied my bro Wiser K eegan) and others and partecipated and various show contests.

Omega Whitegong


Omega WhiteGong - RIMA SU RIMA (#LONDONDIARIES) (Prod. Tenki)

Oméga RHUNC x Nuts - Card Tricks


Omega WhiteGong - GIRO (#LONDONDIARIES) (Prod. Tenki)