Tevin Isaac Briscoe, also known as Isaac B, was born in Lewisham, London. He moved to Broward County, Florida at the age of 7. He is an artist and a producer who grew up between three worlds: one being the American hip-hop era of the early 2000s, exposure to his mother’s love for Neo Soul, R&B and Reggae and lastly his personal dives into ‘real’ hip-hop from Pac to Big L.

Rapper / Producer

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 Isaac's first experience of expressing himself through music was in middle school when he played trumpet in the Coral Springs marching band. He was always told by teachers throughout the four High Schools he attended that he had potential, however the realism of life was taught outside of a classroom & those pains that he had created for himself as a youth were expressed through beating on the desk and writing rhymes in the back of detention. Returning to London in 2013 he started to produce music. Isaac B’s somewhat tri personality from flamboyant to arrogant egotists to analytical introvert shows in his music. Musically he lays down the foundation of a vibe, as his social media implies Isaacbs“world”. Isaac B dwells in the ethereal beauty of deep evolving pads & OVO style underwater synths. He is not a big fan of being classified or pushed into a specific genre but would rather hover in limbo, not as a rapper but extensively as an artist.

Inspired by Kanye West extensive use of vocal manipulations and auto-tune, Isaac B sings & hums out the mood of a track before laying down the lyrics. He has strong views on the world we live in today, whether it is politics or the loss of human connection to technology he tends to sneak these subtexts into his productions. As an artist, he believes it is his responsibility to use the platform to project into the universe positivity through thought provoking lyrics. Isaac B has finished his BA degree from the London College of Music in 2017 and whilst studying he was and is doing various open mic nights, collaborations and competitions to push his music. The simplicity of small venues gives him great joy in being able to connect with an audience on a personal level. Isaac B is currently working on his master’s degree in music industry business and artist development alongside his creative endeavours.