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Hughdem is a rapper and producer from Winchester, Hampshire. He first started rapping at the age of 13, after hearing 2Pac for the first time. From then on, it was his focus.

Him and his friends would be dropping freestyles every other lunch break, and he chose the name Hughdem after people kept calling him that in college.

In the meantime he’d be recording tracks in his bedroom, producing music on Cubase LE5 and performing shows around the local area. With his music he tries to draw upon personal experiences for inspiration - growing up, partying, going to university, relationships and pursuing music. So far he has released one solo EP titled “Stole My Brother’s Microphone” and has been part of many projects with other up and coming artists and producers from London. Moreover he has also performed live in the first Truepassion event in Hackney Grow (London). Check out some of his content below! You can find/contact him through the Truepassion Artist Networking group on Facebook. 



Hughdem Ft. Senyon (Prod. Mighty Bacon) - New Day (Official Video)

Hughdem - A Milli Freestyle        | VISIONARY | [FREESTYLE FRIDAYS]


HughDem (Prod. JC) - Rap Song