Badreddine Bouaissi, aka DINE, was born in 1999 in the Derb Sultan area of Casablanca, Morocco. Raised in Voghera, Italy, he had his first impact with rap music through his passion for French and American rap, which he could easily listen to given he speaks four languages, including English and French. As many great rappers before him, he began rhyming in the hallways of his school, freestyling in his lunch breaks. After a rough past and growing up divided between the few presences in the school and the world of rap music, those few minutes in the hall doing what he loves, convinced him that music would be his path. Moreover he has also worked with us in the making of content for his music. Check out some of his video below! You can find/contact him through the Truepassion Artist Networking group on Facebook. 

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Dine - Non Fingo (Official Video)

Dine - Andare Lontano (Official Video)

Dine - Frank La Tigre di Caivano


 The name DINE was chosen for two reasons, aside from being the final four letters of his name, in Arabic which is his native language means GOD. He begins writing rap in a very difficult moment in his life after being placed in a community home and separated from his family. Writing becomes a way for DINE to release all his rage and pain especially in an adolescence where he had a difficult relationship with his family and his education. His dream is to reach out to as many people as possible with his music showing them all the different sides of his struggles. Although his parents didn't support him initially, his objective is to help them and his brothers into a better life through his musical career.

His greatest musical inspiration is rapper Laïoung, which he admires because of their similar past and because of his sound and content. Other than representing the Italian trap scene style, his songs speak of his life in a very crude and realistic way, differentiating himself from the more commercial content expressed by the more successful Italian trap artists of 2017. DINE doesn't use the more popular and exasperated themes such as: drugs, cars, women and money, as he doesn't believe these themes have a real depth and character. His first single, "Andare Lontano" solidified his musical passion and gave him great visibility even being contacted by the famous professional Italian boxer "Frank La Tigre Di Caivano" in order to write a song which describes the boxer's struggles. After an interview he conducted, Frank was so impressed with the song that came out that he decided that it would be the song he would walk into the ring accompanied by. 

The phrase he finds represents him best is his lyric: "la vita non e' fatta solo di banconote", which translated means "life isn't just a bill", which to him represents how both his generation and the music scene has been corrupted by money and materialism loosing touch with what is really important. He also finds great inspiration in the phrase "Money don't make you, you make money" which is a very common phrase used by various charismatic personalities, including British rapper Skepta and American boxer Floyd Mayweather. DINE recognizes Voghera as his home, because of this his dream is also to "elevate" Voghera allowing its music scene to flourish, highlighting through his career the other talented emerging artists of the city.