Dario Sofo

"I was born on the 30th of january 1985, at Gioia Taurus, Italy and I live in Rome since 1993.

Few years ago, at my 26th birthday period, I had the chance to take 3 days off from my job.(that time I was working as a yacht designer ). 2 friends, 2 bikes, 1 tend and the icy road towards Elefantentreffen in Germany. There I decided to delete everything and rebuild it again, so when I came back home, I quit my job and leave my country. I spent a year around between Australia and Asia and once back again, I took up a career as tattooer. My passion for tattoo start when I realized how huge, interesting and intricated this world can be.

Nowadays, I split my life working in the studio, training and doing competitions with my skydiving team and sharing the few free moments with my Girlfriend and good friends, always looking for new way to play creatively."

Tattoo Artist / Visual Artitst / Designer

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